Saturday, June 8, 2019

Anti Data Manifesto

You can’t delete the idea
We can erase the data.

We have to get rid of all the data. Trace your personal data and delete as you can, it’s not you. Never have been. This is what we need. Data mean bitch. The more cookies we leave behind, the more we become bitches of their marketing campaigns. Burn down all of it.


Not only the software data version of yourself also the hardware, the real life data: All the hardcopies, childhood photos, all the material, all the papers, diaries, records, all the thingies which assert any kind of definition about us. Burn down. Anti data, become spontaneous, genuine and free.

I have a dream bitch. Stop bitching and become a free human being. All the definitions, all the documents: burn them. Tomorrow, in the brightest future we will also bring down the ID. Get rid of all, any kind of documents which define us. Definition means incarceration, condemnation, conviction, and demarcation of the self. Get rid of them. The more you delete, the more you get freedom. I can guarantee this. In the beginning you are deleting for yourself, your personal freedom we are not naive we know they are not deleted permanently but only for now. This is the job and vision of ADM heroes. We are going to find our heroes, but for now you should be your own hero: be your own fresh new start. This is a long journey we have, you have.

Start with baby steps, start with your bitch accounts, become alien/anonimize in your media only recognizable for your preferred acquaintances. Delete, get rid of bitch relatives, stupid friends, old meaningless schoolmates.

They are trying to define you, no one can define you! not even you! You can only continue becoming, experiencing yourself, delete any kind of past.

"Start from something to nothing."

 Become more anonymous with your accounts. Data is going to be illegal, crime against humanity. We will prevail, because they, the corporations wants more, defines more about yourself  in every fucking single day; and are addicted to cookies for this. Data is going to create its own end. It’s not so-called innocent childhood photos in your family album it’s the data, incarceration of the human soul.

We want disposable shares, profiles, instantaneous media which facilitates being in the moment together. This is all we need: a new anonymous, genuine, free media. Anonymity is human right and data is fascism. Delete your personal past, all kind of it. And you will have all the new personal space for genuine, real experience. Becoming free from past only comes with deleting the past permanently. We will have tons of lawsuits and prevail against them in one way or another. We will destroy the recording clouds burn the biggest bitch, whore house down. Delete all the past records, history, personal confidential materials of the internet permanently, irreversibly. We will prevail my friend, accumulate, become a bigger family, people will understand our cause, our sincerity. This is the side of human freedom, not a marketing campaign. This is the new age, completion of human soul, soul will prevail, our cause will prevail, get rid of all the burdens of the past, and gain all the peace you need.

Don't be anxious or feel hopeless my friend, we will find our heroes which save us from the tyranny of the data. As I said, start with yourself for your own freedom, become your own hero. We will complete the journey permanently. Start with the smaller deleting doses and be addicted to the freedom. Start with a small pieces of disgusting personal past for instance diaries are diarrheas of your past get rid of it but don’t be afraid of writing, creating or sharing but also don’t be afraid of deleting. It will save you, immune your soul, the fire. Start with the traumatizing family records burn them. You will see that there is no bad or good record, all kind of records are burden for your soul. Data only a one side of it. But heroes will come, sun will shine for our souls which stuck in the past, the day will come.

For the seekers of freedom: 




You can’t delete the idea,
We can erase the data,

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